I've written a couple, over the years. More to come.

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How to Make Notes and Write

There are plenty of personal knowledge management systems out there, promising to help you take smart notes or link your thinking or build a second brain. And there are plenty of writing guides out there promising to teach you the elements of style. This book offers a simple and effective way to make effective notes on sources and your interpretations of them, then turn those thoughts into clear and compelling output.
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Peppermint Kings: A Rural American History (Yale Agrarian Studies Series)

This unconventional history relates the engaging and unusual stories of three families in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries whose involvement in the peppermint oil industry provides insights into the perspectives and concerns of rural people of their time.
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American Environmental History

After years of teaching Environmental History at a major East Coast University without a textbook, Dr. Dan Allosso decided to take matters into his own hands. The result, 
American Environmental History, is a concise, comprehensive survey covering the material from Dan’s undergraduate course.
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An Infidel Body-Snatcher and the Fruits of His Philosophy

The story of a freethinker. Charles Knowlton called himself a “free enquirer”—his enemies called him an “Infidel.” Knowlton was also a “Body-Snatcher.” As a medical student, Charles Knowlton stole corpses to dissect. Charles was caught and convicted, and served time in jail. “The Fruits of His Philosophy” refers to a book Charles wrote in 1831. It was the first medical birth control manual in America, and Knowlton was convicted and imprisoned for that as well—this time with hard labor.
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Outside the Box

A young adult novel I published in 2007. It won the "Best of the Fest" prize at the Collingswood Book Festival. Here's a video of me reading at the festival.